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New Product Development

In an effort to provide our core customer base with a complete product line enabling our individual customers to have the opportunity to purchase all their transit products from one source, Millennium Transit has committed to introducing the new RTS Extreme (low entry) bus.

The new low entry project includes designs for a 32.5-foot, 35-foot, 40-foot and 42.5-foot low floor bus utilizing a T-drive engine configuration. The RTS Extreme design incorporates a similar design philosophy as the RTS Legend, using a welded, modular stainless steel body construction. The major objectives of the new bus design are to meet customer requirements including a more conventional rear centered T-drive engine offering, at a lower cost than comparable competitive products and provide larger engines, no rear facing seats and an increase in passenger seating capacity. The RTS Extreme is a standard rear drive high floor with a lowered middle and front section of the bus. This lowered area allows the benefits of the low floor entry and exit, but also the standard driveline equipment. Management is utilizing a product development program that incorporates a gate approval process.

The program involves stages where prototypes are designed and built and preliminary performance tests are conducted on the durability test track and on select customer routes. Customer feedback sessions will be held and market surveys conducted to ensure key customer acceptance and retention for the new product. The project includes review of documentation and testing data, vendor involvement startup, testing completion, production documentation development, quality standards, prototype builds and final reviews. Millennium Transit's strategy is to partner with a valued customer for the final testing and approval of the design.

Millennium Transit and the customer will agree to a pre-determined period of time to operate the vehicle on a test basis. The customer will be involved in the design review process during development of the vehicle as well as post-delivery reviews. The company has begun the development of the RTS Extreme.

Media Center

October 12, 2011
New condensed specifications for the new RTS Legend and Express models now available. See product page for details.

September 21, 2011
Millennium Transit Services, LLC will showcase the newest generation of T-Drive RTS at APTA's EXPO 2011 coming up October 3-5, 2011 in New Orleans. The APTA EXPO is public transportation's premier showcase of technology, products and services. Read More...

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